Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rally at Lake Medina

It was a busy and fun filled week. We started the week in Pipe Creek, TX at the home of Leon & Elsie. We meet Jim & Shirley there for a planning and preparation for our duties with the Discovery Texans Rally later in the week.

Jim & Shirley behind us in the garage next door to Joe & JustineMini Rally in the Driveway

We only stayed here two days to get last minute details and shopping complete. Then it was off to Lake Medina RV Resort for the weekend rally.

As you can see in this not so good of a picture Lake Medina’s water level is very low.


Yes we are dry here in TX and in need of a lot of rain in order to get water levels back to normal.

After we got set up at the park it was happy hour at our rig.

Who said Shirley doesn’t photograph well?P1010299


Supper time out in the cool shade and beautiful evening.


Since we had everything set up for preparing a meal at our rig it was unanimous to have breakfast at our house the next morning.


Can you smell the bacon?P1010309










That was it for taking it easy here at the park. Jim, Shirley, Dianna & I were the host for the weekend rally. The Host is a 4 letter word for KP duty! We all volunteer for these duties so that everybody can enjoy this time together. Next rally someone else will be the host.

We had a lot of fun preparing meals for the 46 people that attended the rally. It gave us the opportunity to mingle and get to know the rally attendee's better.

This is an excellent RV park as it is far from any highway (no noise) with an abundance of wildlife to enjoy. I understand the fishing is great when the lake level is up.

Hope to get back here again.