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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starting and Inspired

After being inspired by Al’s (Bayfieldbunch) blog about where Kelly and he are in their RV life I decided to get back into my blog.

First “way to go Al”!  You have describe what so many of us have, been, and will go through in living the RV lifestyle. I am completely confident you and Kelly will arrive at the perfect answer for your situation. Our wish for both of you is that it will happen soon so that you will be able to enjoy your decision for a long time.

What inspired me to make this blog entry is that Dianna and I have been discussing exactly what Al described in his blog. After a few discussions we have just completed interviewing realtors to sell our house. Each one of them asked “where are we moving to”? Our answer to all of them was we are moving into our RV. As you can imagine or know that brought all kinds of responses. Yup, we are making that initial step.

We decided if we want to be full-timers we need to start by getting rid of the stick and brick and start living in our RV.

Having said that, our RV has been in the shop the past 2 weeks for a problem that has plagued us since we have owned the rig. More on it’s future with us later.

We’ll proceed with the disposing of the house and possession's as a step toward full timing.

For right now thank you Al for helping us realize what and where we need to focus.


  1. Have really missed your blogs. Glad to see you back and good luck with your sale of the house. We are all out here pulling for you. Take care.