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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sand Festival

We had a very delightful weekend. We went to Rockport to visit Texas friends that will be starting the Texas version of snowbirds by heading north shortly.
Greeting Marquee
On Saturday we decided to go over to Port Aransas to see the Sand Fest. Perfect temperature, sunny with a lot of wind. When we arrived we found out that the sand artists hadn’t started their sculptures until that morning instead of the night before. So all were working on their sand projects when we arrived.
The first portion of the sculptures are the armatures. Some of them are real good and will be in the judging part real soon. Here are a few of the artists and their work. Click image to enlarge.
 Where is the other mermaid?
Making of a castle
Not sure what this is going to be
Lesson Mountain
Can you see why this one is called “Lesson Mountain”?
Starting at the top
This is one craft that you start building at the top.
Master Sand Sculptor
Now we start the professional sculptors.
Beginning of a castle
Happy to be here
On top
Such detail
What did he just see?
Looks almost real
Many sculptures
Taking a break
Soon it was time to head for the ferry and get out of the wind and sun.
Ferry Boat
I’m sure some of you are wondering what the purpose of the wire that is sticking out the top of some of the sculptures. We heard everything from lighting rods to wifi antennas. The most believable answer we got was from a one of the artists. It’s to keep the birds from landing on the sculpture. Makes sense! Hope I didn’t bore too much with nothing but pictures.
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  1. I love all the sculptures. I usually get all the new ones in an email sometime during the year. Thanks for sharing them. I will be a step ahead of all my friends this year.