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Friday, January 28, 2011

First (RV) Flat Tire Experience

This flat tire experience wasn’t near as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve heard. If there is a good time for a flat this one was it.

I had brought the rig home from storage in preparation of taking it to have the Norcold recall fix taken care of. As I got out of the rig I had this little voice say “check the tires” before you go inside.

Sure enough the passenger rear inside tire was down to 60 lbs. So I took it to a local auto repair shop and had it aired up knowing I would be at Camping World in the morning.

Next morning tire had lost 20 lbs of air. Good, a slow leak. When I get to Camping World I will be able to get it fixed there.

Upon arriving at my appointed time I ask if they could repair the tire with a slow leak. Now comes the dreaded response “we don’t do tire repair”. They sell you tires but don’t want to fix them?

Now I call my handy Coach Net road side service to find out where in the area I could get a RV tire repair. After a few questions a tire store just a couple of miles from my hose will do the repair work.

After the Norcold fix and more air into tire I go to the repair shop and get the slow leak back to a no leak tire. After watching all the work that goes into an inside tire repair I had visions of a hefty repair bill. Upon check out the bill came to $25! I wouldn’t begin to wrestle those 2 tires on or off the rig for that money. I paid and said thank you very much.

So if you are in Austin and in need of tire repair go to A to Z Tire Shop on south 1st street. Need to call them to get directions.

Sorry no photos. Couldn’t see any excitement of a flat tire picture.


  1. $25?? That's a heck of a deal to change an inside tire. I'd gladly pay that any day. It was nice that you were able to get to a shop to get it fixed rather than having it go flat, or blowing out, on the road.

  2. Thank God it was a slow leak, and that you weren't on a busy Interstate somewhere. I think we are going to stay at Skyline next season, if they have a spot for us. A lot of people here are thinking about switching. Take care.