Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Monday, October 17, 2011

Heber Springs, AR

We get out of the heat in TX and into the Ozarks we get to us the heater for the first time. Was a different weather environment than we have been used to. Actually had some rain with temps in the 40's. 

The fall colors were starting make their appearance which the allowed us to enjoy the beginning of the fall even more. Wish we had more time here to really see the fall colors in their glory.

We had a great campsite at Greers Ferry Lake with lots of room and level sites. We enjoy being in an area with tall pine trees. The seem to put you in a relaxing mood.

Our stay was all too short but we took advantage of every minute we had in the Ozarks. We like this area so well we are planning to return as soon as we can.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

It’s Empty Now

The house is empty after the passing of items to family & friends, then a garage sale and several trips to Goodwill.

Empty House

This is not our home any more as it belongs to someone else now. We hope it serves them as well as it did for us.

All we have to do now is make everything fit into the motorhome that we said we needed to keep. We live in the preverbal 10 lb. sack and have 25 lbs. to put in it.

Now we can start making plans for our new life in the RV.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Now Reality is Setting in

The house deal has one more hurdle to go through and it will be closing time.

We have reserved a space at a local RV park that will be close by so we can complete any unfinished business if necessary.

We have sent all the forms to Escapees to get enrolled with their mail forwarding service.

Movin In

We are actually putting items into the motorhome! It’s a good thing we don’t have to move any large items as it is too blasted hot now. 39 days of triple digit temperatures. Wish we could have planned for a fall move.

Yes, Dianna is carrying pictures into the rig. We found and made room for our favorites, don’t want to give up those pictures.

All of our family has spoken for all the heirlooms and most of the household items so that will help in not getting a storage facility.

The real reality is just around the corner.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We’re Almost There!

Just a few items to do then we will close on our house August 12. It seems like a long time since we put this plan into action. Now it’s just about to be completed.

Don’t ever say “I wish, it would be nice or someday we would like”. You will never get it done thinking like that. Make a plan, follow that plan and guess what? It happens!

Another part of our plan was to be in a motorhome that we would feel like it was our home and had some of the extras that made it a home for us.

That part of the plan came together this weekend also. A very busy weekend. We took delivery of our new for us motorhome.

Kountry Star

This is a 2008 Newmar Kountry Star. We had been looking for one that would have as many features/options as we could get in a used rig. This one came real close so we went for it and now we are the proud parents of this find.

We took a maiden voyage with the Kountry Star this weekend to the Guadalupe River RV Park in Kerrvile, TX. Everything worked great and we are pleased with our find.


On the way to Kerrville the outside temperature was 111 degrees. This has been a true test for air conditioners here in Texas for the past month. Yes I took this picture while Dianna was driving. She really likes the way this rig drives.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

They’re Growing!

It won’t be long now before they are able to fly and forage food for themselves.

Click to enlarge

Interesting that Mother was close by watching as I took this picture and didn’t make a noise or dive bomb me. I was glad. I would have a hard time explaining how a little Mockingbird knocked me off the top of a step ladder.

This will be the last picture of the baby birds as in a very short amount of time they may jump from the nest if I get this close to them. Time to let the parents complete their job of bringing new life into this world.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome New State Birds

A lot of activity with the Mockingbirds this morning. For good reason!

Click to enlarge

They must have hatched during the night as activity yesterday was normal.

It’s interesting to watch the parents. One will stay close and guard the nest while the other goes hunting food for the new chicks.

Welcome to Texas and our front yard. Hope they like hot dry weather. Nine days of 100 degrees or better so far for the month of June.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Future Family

I was sitting on the front porch and noticed some activity in the young Red Oak tree. Sure enough I see Ms. Mockingbird moving around in her nest.

While mowing the yard that morning I thought I felt something brush against my head as I mowed under this tree. When I looked up I saw a Mockingbird flying away but I dismissed it as a brush from a limb that I went under. Maybe not.

Click to enlarge
As I watched her I wondered if I could get a picture of the nest and contents without the protective mother getting too upset. As we all know a Mockingbird can be very aggressive especially around their nest.

I set up the step ladder so I could get high enough to get a good view inside of the nest. Luckily Ms. Mocking bird was away far enough she didn’t notice me getting a picture of her home and future chicks.

This will be interesting to see how many photos I will be able to get after the chicks hatch.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rally at Lake Medina

It was a busy and fun filled week. We started the week in Pipe Creek, TX at the home of Leon & Elsie. We meet Jim & Shirley there for a planning and preparation for our duties with the Discovery Texans Rally later in the week.

Jim & Shirley behind us in the garage next door to Joe & JustineMini Rally in the Driveway

We only stayed here two days to get last minute details and shopping complete. Then it was off to Lake Medina RV Resort for the weekend rally.

As you can see in this not so good of a picture Lake Medina’s water level is very low.


Yes we are dry here in TX and in need of a lot of rain in order to get water levels back to normal.

After we got set up at the park it was happy hour at our rig.

Who said Shirley doesn’t photograph well?P1010299


Supper time out in the cool shade and beautiful evening.


Since we had everything set up for preparing a meal at our rig it was unanimous to have breakfast at our house the next morning.


Can you smell the bacon?P1010309










That was it for taking it easy here at the park. Jim, Shirley, Dianna & I were the host for the weekend rally. The Host is a 4 letter word for KP duty! We all volunteer for these duties so that everybody can enjoy this time together. Next rally someone else will be the host.

We had a lot of fun preparing meals for the 46 people that attended the rally. It gave us the opportunity to mingle and get to know the rally attendee's better.

This is an excellent RV park as it is far from any highway (no noise) with an abundance of wildlife to enjoy. I understand the fishing is great when the lake level is up.

Hope to get back here again.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sand Festival

We had a very delightful weekend. We went to Rockport to visit Texas friends that will be starting the Texas version of snowbirds by heading north shortly.
Greeting Marquee
On Saturday we decided to go over to Port Aransas to see the Sand Fest. Perfect temperature, sunny with a lot of wind. When we arrived we found out that the sand artists hadn’t started their sculptures until that morning instead of the night before. So all were working on their sand projects when we arrived.
The first portion of the sculptures are the armatures. Some of them are real good and will be in the judging part real soon. Here are a few of the artists and their work. Click image to enlarge.
 Where is the other mermaid?
Making of a castle
Not sure what this is going to be
Lesson Mountain
Can you see why this one is called “Lesson Mountain”?
Starting at the top
This is one craft that you start building at the top.
Master Sand Sculptor
Now we start the professional sculptors.
Beginning of a castle
Happy to be here
On top
Such detail
What did he just see?
Looks almost real
Many sculptures
Taking a break
Soon it was time to head for the ferry and get out of the wind and sun.
Ferry Boat
I’m sure some of you are wondering what the purpose of the wire that is sticking out the top of some of the sculptures. We heard everything from lighting rods to wifi antennas. The most believable answer we got was from a one of the artists. It’s to keep the birds from landing on the sculpture. Makes sense! Hope I didn’t bore too much with nothing but pictures.
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starting and Inspired

After being inspired by Al’s (Bayfieldbunch) blog about where Kelly and he are in their RV life I decided to get back into my blog.

First “way to go Al”!  You have describe what so many of us have, been, and will go through in living the RV lifestyle. I am completely confident you and Kelly will arrive at the perfect answer for your situation. Our wish for both of you is that it will happen soon so that you will be able to enjoy your decision for a long time.

What inspired me to make this blog entry is that Dianna and I have been discussing exactly what Al described in his blog. After a few discussions we have just completed interviewing realtors to sell our house. Each one of them asked “where are we moving to”? Our answer to all of them was we are moving into our RV. As you can imagine or know that brought all kinds of responses. Yup, we are making that initial step.

We decided if we want to be full-timers we need to start by getting rid of the stick and brick and start living in our RV.

Having said that, our RV has been in the shop the past 2 weeks for a problem that has plagued us since we have owned the rig. More on it’s future with us later.

We’ll proceed with the disposing of the house and possession's as a step toward full timing.

For right now thank you Al for helping us realize what and where we need to focus.

Friday, January 28, 2011

First (RV) Flat Tire Experience

This flat tire experience wasn’t near as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve heard. If there is a good time for a flat this one was it.

I had brought the rig home from storage in preparation of taking it to have the Norcold recall fix taken care of. As I got out of the rig I had this little voice say “check the tires” before you go inside.

Sure enough the passenger rear inside tire was down to 60 lbs. So I took it to a local auto repair shop and had it aired up knowing I would be at Camping World in the morning.

Next morning tire had lost 20 lbs of air. Good, a slow leak. When I get to Camping World I will be able to get it fixed there.

Upon arriving at my appointed time I ask if they could repair the tire with a slow leak. Now comes the dreaded response “we don’t do tire repair”. They sell you tires but don’t want to fix them?

Now I call my handy Coach Net road side service to find out where in the area I could get a RV tire repair. After a few questions a tire store just a couple of miles from my hose will do the repair work.

After the Norcold fix and more air into tire I go to the repair shop and get the slow leak back to a no leak tire. After watching all the work that goes into an inside tire repair I had visions of a hefty repair bill. Upon check out the bill came to $25! I wouldn’t begin to wrestle those 2 tires on or off the rig for that money. I paid and said thank you very much.

So if you are in Austin and in need of tire repair go to A to Z Tire Shop on south 1st street. Need to call them to get directions.

Sorry no photos. Couldn’t see any excitement of a flat tire picture.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hill Country Visit


Caribbean Cowboy

After much a-do we have our trip under way. We are spending a few days at the Caribbean Cowboy RV Park in the Hill Country.  This is a small park, secluded and very quiet.

Dianna, Pidge and DonDianna, Pidge & Don chatting









Today we met Pidge & Don from the The Frugal Travelers for lunch at the Lost Maples Cafe in Utopia, TX.  We follow each others blog and having a face to face get together is a real treat.  We did a lot of talking about our families, RV’ing and RV future plans.

After talking with Don & Pidge it seems they really enjoy their RV life and are excited with their travels. Thank you both for an enjoyable lunch and safe traveling.











Update on the Alpha WiFi amplifier.  After getting set up here in the park we were able to connect to the internet.  We had a weak signal with only one and two bars.  This called for the Alpha amplifier.  What a nice difference.

WiFi signal before connecting Alpha amplifierBefore

Signal with amplifier connectedAfterr

With solid 4 and 5 bars I’m pleased with the performance and now have the Alpha amplifier as part of my WiFi arsenal.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 10, 2011

WiFi Security - a Pandora’s Box

This was on the morning news and it grabbed my attention because all of us that use WiFi could be at risk. Below is the 2 1/2 minute news clip. It’s not long and it says a lot.

You don’t have to be a geek to be a cyber hacker anymore. Anybody that can install Firefox and an app called “Firesheep” is in the cyber hacking business.

We as RV’ers use WiFi a lot so we need to be extra careful on what we do on a WiFi network and what kind of network we use.

In the news clip officer Chip Riley used Twitter and Facebook as examples of vulnerability. A full time RV’er may use more web sites than those. We may want to access our bank/broker account or a private web site for our photography, hobby or craft activities.

Those of you that offer WiFi to others, please please make sure that you are offering a secure network not a Pandora’s Box. It’s easier to secure your network than install a web browser. Don’t allow your network to be access for a cyber hacker.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Memorable 2010

Happy New Year! 1/1/11
Another decade and another year has ended. My new year’s resolution for 2011 is not to make any. If I was to make a list you would have to scroll this page way too much. Plus it would be a bunch of things I wouldn’t accomplish in 2011. I like the way things are going now.
We started 2010 by attending the Discovery Texans January rally in Mason,TX. Sure was surprised at the number of Discovery's in one place.
In February we had the good fortune of meeting Laurie and Odell on their annual travel through Texas.
Just a few days later we meet Kirk and Pam who were volunteering at Government Canyon State Natural Area.
Kirk and Pam
April has us in Colorado Springs. We love the southwest at any time of the year.
Pike Peak
This trip we stayed in the same RV park and same space as our last trip. Our last stay was with our Trailer. What a difference in RV’ing!
May and June were excursions to Festivals and Market Day outings.
Pecan Street Festival - Inka Wayra
Wildflower Seed Farm Windmill

July was down to the coast for some summer time enjoyment.
The Humming Bird Festival in Rockport made a memorable September trip. If you’re into humming birds and in the area this is a must see event. Yes, it was raining that day.
October was renewing old friendships and the Farmers Market in Dallas.
In November we had a nice leisurely trip to Mississippi and Louisiana.
Christmas Day dinner with family.
We're hungry!
That was our year in a nutshell. We sure enjoyed it and are looking forward to our Travels and Experiences in 2011.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing 2010 with us.