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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on the iPad

The apps that are available in the App store seem to be what makes all of the ipod’s, iphone’s, ipad’s and any other ixxx’s thatfeatured are out there as popular as they are. One good thing about all the apps is if you have say an iphone and sync an app to it and you also own any other ipod, pad you can also sync the app onto that device, if it is compatible for that device.  It’s like one software license that’s good for all you computers.

Pidge of the Frugal Travelers asked about the cost of an ipad. We have the 16gb + 3G model. The basic ipad with wifi has 3 sizes 16gb,32gb, and 64gb. You also can get these 3 sizes with wifi plus 3G.

The 16gb with wifi ipad is $499 on the top end the 64gb with wifi + 3G ipad is $829. The cost of the 3G service is on a month to month charge. There is no long term contract.

Data per month Price per month


2GB/month $25.00

As you can see you will want to stay in a wifi hot spot as much as possible. If you do use the 3G service you are able to monitor your usage with your ipad.

There sure is a lot to the Apple products. One thing that the ipad can’t do is run/use or even look at Live Writer. This is going to take some serious looking into for a replacement. Or, maybe it’s in the app called Pages?

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