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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LA and MS Gulf Coast

We just completed a trip to the LA and MS coast. If you are an Escapees member and read the current magazine issue about Breaux Bridge, LA, that was one destination for us.
We stayed at Poche’s RV Park. This park is built around what was to be a crawfish farm. Now the ponds offer some good fishing for the RV’ers and their family’s.
We are 3rd rig from rightAs you can see the park was not very busy. We were told that in the spring and summer this place is packed with a lot of activities going on. Sounds like Cajun fun to me.
Enjoying the sun
Of course we ate way too much Cajun food. One of my favorite LA places is Mulate’s. Great food and live music. The next eatery was Poche’s Restaurant & Smokehouse. They have a market with all the Cajun sausages and spices that would be needed to prepare any mouth watering Cajun meal.
A huge Oak Tree downtown Breaux BridgeLarge Oak tree
Next stop Bay Hide Away RV Park in Bay St. Louis, MS. This park has obviously been rebuilt/refurbished after the hurricanes as it was in top condition with gravel roads and grass with picnic tables at each site. The casino in Bay St. Louis withstood the hurricane and has been fixed up and doing a roaring business.
As we drove through Gulf Port on the way to Biloxi we say a lot of boarded up buildings and empty lots in this area due to the hurricane. The restaurant in Biloxi where we ate lunch had a $1.00 up-charge per menu item because of the oil spill.
The white sand beaches are clean and are being cleaned of tar balls by crews. We never did see any tar balls so the oil must be pretty well gone and cleaned out at least in the areas we were in.
Crew Cleaning Beaches
Life is good for this Red Tail hawk (if I called that bird wrong Judy will let me know) was enjoying her morning meal of a rodent. I didn’t want to get any closer as not to disrupt her meal.
Click to enlarge
Next, over to New Orleans. With a stop at the French Quarter and the Cafe Du Mounde for Beignets and chocolate milk. A walk around Jackson Square has a lot of the same vendors & musicians as in past visits and of course the guy that wants to bet on where you got your shoes. Guess that scam will never get blown away by any hurricane. Next was to check on Pat O'Briens, hasn't changed any. Then a walk through the rest of the Quarter.
French Quarter
An enjoyable week with nice weather and good food. What more could a RV’er ask for?
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  1. Thanks for a great tour and the especially great pictures too. That RV Park with the pond sure looked nice. I envy you about all that great Cajun food, I love it but we don't see much of it up here on Vancouver Island.

  2. Rick,
    The only thing missing of the Cajun food was the oysters. They're still being held from market because of the oil spill. The craw fish won't be in season until April/May 2011.

    Everything else was absolutely delicious!


  3. I'm saving any comments on the bird until I've had a chance to study it a little more. :) When I leave Anahuac in late January, I'll be heading for another refuge outside of Biloxi, so your post was very interesting to me. I'll have to check out the two campgrounds you mentioned and see if they are on my way. Thanks.. :)