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Monday, November 8, 2010

An iPad For Us

Yes, we now have an ipad that will either be a very expensive toy or a gizmo that will be productive.


After spending hours on the phone the past couple of weeks with Microsoft to get a virus removed that their own product could not find I said enough is enough. We are going to transition toward the Apple computer systems that doesn’t seem to get virus's.

I know the ipad will never replace a (computer) laptop but it won’t get a virus. As long as we have wifi or within AT&t cell service we will be able to email and surf the web and do ~80% what we do with a computer.

So far I am pleased with the performance of the ipad. It has fulfilled the web surfing and email task with flying colors. Now I’m looking into making it more productive. I want to start replacing tasks that are now a laptop function and turning them into an ipad function.

One big thing that Apple has going for them is the education. When you purchase an Apple product you can go to a Apple store and they will spend the one on one time with you to make sure your product is up and running properly. On top of that they have workshops on these products to help you learn more about it’s functionality. All this support is free and is explained in English. What a concept!

Any other ipad users out there?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congrats in the new iPad. It will be interesting to hear how you like it and what you are able to do with it. I have an iPod Touch which is a lot smaller than the iPad but it has a 64GB drive and I can use it anywhere I can get a wifi signal. It comes in real handy for traveling.

  2. Looks like a great tool, but what is the cost? Also do you have very large monthly bills with it? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am not an iPad user but our son is. He is finishing up a 3 month trip to India and he said it worked like a champ!