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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Visit & Blogville

It was another quick trip back to Lewisville again to finish doctor appointments and visit family and friends.

We stayed at the Lewisville Lake Park again. It’s a nice city park that is close for all our needs while in town. Plus it’s $9 a night with the senior discount.

Lake Park Entrance

Randy of the Roadrunner Chronicles in his blog asked “where were you 365 days ago”. Dianna and I also attended the same Escapees boot camp as Randy and Pam attended a year ago.

What a surprise. Here we are today following each other with our blogs and a year ago we were unknown class mates with each other. Wish we could have spent some time together to compare notes and visit. Perhaps next time when we cross paths again.

Rick of Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels stated in his blog how he doesn’t belong to any organizations that require him attending meetings or volunteer his time for a club or cause. 

Rick, I hate to burst your bubble that you don’t give your time to any club or organization. You have unselfishly given numerous hours of education with your knowledge of computers and other geek talents to all of us that follow your blog.

The knowledge that you have given all of us here in Blogville is more than any “pay for” web site could offer. Please continue to not volunteer your time so that we here in Blogville can continue to be educated.

Thank you Rick for all that you do.

Please accept this cyber gold starStar from all of us.

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  1. Hi Mac, you are way too kind and generous but I'll proudly wear your 'Cyber Gold Star' with much thanks!