Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LA and MS Gulf Coast

We just completed a trip to the LA and MS coast. If you are an Escapees member and read the current magazine issue about Breaux Bridge, LA, that was one destination for us.
We stayed at Poche’s RV Park. This park is built around what was to be a crawfish farm. Now the ponds offer some good fishing for the RV’ers and their family’s.
We are 3rd rig from rightAs you can see the park was not very busy. We were told that in the spring and summer this place is packed with a lot of activities going on. Sounds like Cajun fun to me.
Enjoying the sun
Of course we ate way too much Cajun food. One of my favorite LA places is Mulate’s. Great food and live music. The next eatery was Poche’s Restaurant & Smokehouse. They have a market with all the Cajun sausages and spices that would be needed to prepare any mouth watering Cajun meal.
A huge Oak Tree downtown Breaux BridgeLarge Oak tree
Next stop Bay Hide Away RV Park in Bay St. Louis, MS. This park has obviously been rebuilt/refurbished after the hurricanes as it was in top condition with gravel roads and grass with picnic tables at each site. The casino in Bay St. Louis withstood the hurricane and has been fixed up and doing a roaring business.
As we drove through Gulf Port on the way to Biloxi we say a lot of boarded up buildings and empty lots in this area due to the hurricane. The restaurant in Biloxi where we ate lunch had a $1.00 up-charge per menu item because of the oil spill.
The white sand beaches are clean and are being cleaned of tar balls by crews. We never did see any tar balls so the oil must be pretty well gone and cleaned out at least in the areas we were in.
Crew Cleaning Beaches
Life is good for this Red Tail hawk (if I called that bird wrong Judy will let me know) was enjoying her morning meal of a rodent. I didn’t want to get any closer as not to disrupt her meal.
Click to enlarge
Next, over to New Orleans. With a stop at the French Quarter and the Cafe Du Mounde for Beignets and chocolate milk. A walk around Jackson Square has a lot of the same vendors & musicians as in past visits and of course the guy that wants to bet on where you got your shoes. Guess that scam will never get blown away by any hurricane. Next was to check on Pat O'Briens, hasn't changed any. Then a walk through the rest of the Quarter.
French Quarter
An enjoyable week with nice weather and good food. What more could a RV’er ask for?
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Visit & Blogville

It was another quick trip back to Lewisville again to finish doctor appointments and visit family and friends.

We stayed at the Lewisville Lake Park again. It’s a nice city park that is close for all our needs while in town. Plus it’s $9 a night with the senior discount.

Lake Park Entrance

Randy of the Roadrunner Chronicles in his blog asked “where were you 365 days ago”. Dianna and I also attended the same Escapees boot camp as Randy and Pam attended a year ago.

What a surprise. Here we are today following each other with our blogs and a year ago we were unknown class mates with each other. Wish we could have spent some time together to compare notes and visit. Perhaps next time when we cross paths again.

Rick of Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels stated in his blog how he doesn’t belong to any organizations that require him attending meetings or volunteer his time for a club or cause. 

Rick, I hate to burst your bubble that you don’t give your time to any club or organization. You have unselfishly given numerous hours of education with your knowledge of computers and other geek talents to all of us that follow your blog.

The knowledge that you have given all of us here in Blogville is more than any “pay for” web site could offer. Please continue to not volunteer your time so that we here in Blogville can continue to be educated.

Thank you Rick for all that you do.

Please accept this cyber gold starStar from all of us.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on the iPad

The apps that are available in the App store seem to be what makes all of the ipod’s, iphone’s, ipad’s and any other ixxx’s thatfeatured are out there as popular as they are. One good thing about all the apps is if you have say an iphone and sync an app to it and you also own any other ipod, pad you can also sync the app onto that device, if it is compatible for that device.  It’s like one software license that’s good for all you computers.

Pidge of the Frugal Travelers asked about the cost of an ipad. We have the 16gb + 3G model. The basic ipad with wifi has 3 sizes 16gb,32gb, and 64gb. You also can get these 3 sizes with wifi plus 3G.

The 16gb with wifi ipad is $499 on the top end the 64gb with wifi + 3G ipad is $829. The cost of the 3G service is on a month to month charge. There is no long term contract.

Data per month Price per month


2GB/month $25.00

As you can see you will want to stay in a wifi hot spot as much as possible. If you do use the 3G service you are able to monitor your usage with your ipad.

There sure is a lot to the Apple products. One thing that the ipad can’t do is run/use or even look at Live Writer. This is going to take some serious looking into for a replacement. Or, maybe it’s in the app called Pages?

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Monday, November 8, 2010

An iPad For Us

Yes, we now have an ipad that will either be a very expensive toy or a gizmo that will be productive.


After spending hours on the phone the past couple of weeks with Microsoft to get a virus removed that their own product could not find I said enough is enough. We are going to transition toward the Apple computer systems that doesn’t seem to get virus's.

I know the ipad will never replace a (computer) laptop but it won’t get a virus. As long as we have wifi or within AT&t cell service we will be able to email and surf the web and do ~80% what we do with a computer.

So far I am pleased with the performance of the ipad. It has fulfilled the web surfing and email task with flying colors. Now I’m looking into making it more productive. I want to start replacing tasks that are now a laptop function and turning them into an ipad function.

One big thing that Apple has going for them is the education. When you purchase an Apple product you can go to a Apple store and they will spend the one on one time with you to make sure your product is up and running properly. On top of that they have workshops on these products to help you learn more about it’s functionality. All this support is free and is explained in English. What a concept!

Any other ipad users out there?

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

It’s That time Again



As much as it seems to be disliked when we move our clocks back in the fall we are setting our clocks to standard time. That is the time it should have been all year.

For some history on the use of Daylight savings check out this web site.

After reading all about it I still don’t care for it.

Thanks for stopping by. Will be here tomorrow in the next time zone.