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Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Old Friend

Our planned trip to the Dallas area was to be visits with family and a doctor appointment. Nothing special or would like to do was on the itinerary for this short trip.

We arrived at the Lewisville Lake Park campground and got our rig set up. As I was preparing to start cleaning all the bugs off the front of the RV a gentleman stepped out of the RV next to us. I looked at him and thought I know this person. As he turned in my direction I immediately recognized him and called his name. He looked at me and recognized who I was. Both of us were in total shock.

Next door to an old friend

It has been 10 – 12 years since we have spoken with each other. Both of us were active in Ham Radio in the Dallas area. We met each other in the mid 80’s and participated in many of the local Ham Radio activities.

That evening we spent several hours getting reacquainted and catching up on each others lives. The next evening we spent more hours talking about old common friends and our past experiences with those old friends. What a memorable time going back to those fun and adventurous days we enjoyed.

Before we left we exchanged contact information and promised to keep in contact with each other.

What are the odds of being in a RV park next door to an old friend that you have not seen in years? I feel extremely lucky and fortunate that I was able to meet Tommy again and to be able to continue our friendship.


Grandkids enjoying cake

At a family visit we enjoyed a nice dinner and Dianna got to spoil a couple of the grandkids.

One of things we did have planned was to go to the Farmers Market.

Fresh Tomatoes! And they were delicious!


Isn’t RV’ing wonderful?

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  1. Would you send me some of those tomatoes PLEEZ! :)

  2. Meeting an old friend at an RV Park is quite an amazing coincidence. I'll bet it was fun catching up on things.

    Nothing like getting together with the grandkids either1