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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Market Day in Wimberley

A perfect day for a Market Day outing. Temperature was in the low 70’s in the morning with the high in the upper 80’s and clear skies. An ever so slight hint of fall.

We arrived just in time before the parking lot filled up and was closed. A good indication for a good day at the market. The cool weather brought the buyers out in droves. Weldon of the was reporting similar conditions at Canton First Monday Sale in East Texas.

Wimberley Market Day Shoppers

For 3 years Dianna and I ran a booth here in Wimberley. At times we talk about going back into the Market Day biz. Then we recall those hot days like last month (see previous post) and those cold wet days when the buyers stay home to let the vendors have a Market Day.

We enjoy going back to see our old vendors friends. It’s always interesting to look at what is new and of course the same ole stuff that is being offered by the vendors.

More Shoppers

Our booth location was down this street next to the electric pole in the upper right corner of the picture.

Of course we came home with something. With some luck we will have home grown tomatoes for our salads this fall. The other was the conversation we had on the way home of missing the good days as a vendor on days like this day.

A special thanks to our new followers. Glad to have have you along.

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