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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Day Trip

We decided that a short trip was in order for a Sunday trip. It was too hot to do much of anything outside. We chose to go to Round Top, TX. This little town (2000 census population 77) and other adjoining small towns host one of the largest antique shows in the world. They have this event twice a year. The numbers are staggering. They attract over 200,000 vendors, attendees and tourists at each of the shows.

No this week was not a show. Although we have been there when a show was in full swing. That 200,000 maybe a little small. This weekend it was nice and quiet with no crowds.


We visited several of the shops that offered unique and different items. Lots of antiques. That’s what this town is all about.

Store Front Patioo

When the shows start the local ranchers and farmers open (rent) their land that is adjacent to the main road for vendors to set up shop. When this happens there is literally miles of antique shops in this area There are many large buildings that house multiple antique shops.

Here are a couple of links to give you an idea of what this area has to offer during one of their events.

Hope the weather cools down and we get our motorhome out of the shop soon so we can take a real road trip.

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