Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weather – Good News and Bad News

It looks like today is going to be one of those good and bad news days.

Todays Weather

The bad news - that 109 heat index will knock you down when you step outside. The 106 temperature sets another record breaking heat day.

The good news is the scattered T-storms for today is a front from the north that is pushing the high pressure system which has been sitting on top of us to the southwest. This will allow the daily temperatures  to get back to our normal Texas summer highs as seen in the Wednesday through Saturday forecast. The best part of this good news is today should be the last day the temperature will get above 100 until next summer.

This hot weather is nothing for people like my sister who lives in Bull Head City, AZ and other folks that are in the desert parts of the country.

You folks in the northern US, high mountains and the Canadians are probably relaxing in the cool air and feeling some hints of the coming fall weather.

Weather wise, between now and Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to be anywhere in this country.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Day Trip

We decided that a short trip was in order for a Sunday trip. It was too hot to do much of anything outside. We chose to go to Round Top, TX. This little town (2000 census population 77) and other adjoining small towns host one of the largest antique shows in the world. They have this event twice a year. The numbers are staggering. They attract over 200,000 vendors, attendees and tourists at each of the shows.

No this week was not a show. Although we have been there when a show was in full swing. That 200,000 maybe a little small. This weekend it was nice and quiet with no crowds.


We visited several of the shops that offered unique and different items. Lots of antiques. That’s what this town is all about.

Store Front Patioo

When the shows start the local ranchers and farmers open (rent) their land that is adjacent to the main road for vendors to set up shop. When this happens there is literally miles of antique shops in this area There are many large buildings that house multiple antique shops.

Here are a couple of links to give you an idea of what this area has to offer during one of their events.

Hope the weather cools down and we get our motorhome out of the shop soon so we can take a real road trip.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Sam July Winner!


What a surprise to see my name on the winners list.

Clicking that “Enter to Win” button daily on the Good Sam web site for the last several months finally paid off!

I have been contacted by a drawing official and I’m now officially entered in the Winners Listing.

I have no idea which model it will be. I hope it’s one of the ones with the air compressor. I’m sure it will be the Jump Starter only which will be just fine with me. I know it will come in handy sometime.

PS. I’m still going to keep entering the giveaway may win again this month.

The prize arrived! That was fast. Yes, it does have the air compressor as part of the unit. A perfect item for the RV. Thank you Cobra.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August Weather

It’s always interesting this time of year what the weather conditions are in the different parts of the country. This is evident with the RV blogs I read and follow. The folks due north of Texas along the Canadian border and in Canada are starting to feel the preparation of fall weather. Those in the Southwest are just plain hot. But it’s a dry heat. The Midwest and some of the Southeast are experiencing some flooding and severe weather this year.

For us we decided to go south to the coast. That puts us at the south central part of the US. The coast weather was a little hot but tolerable.  Our 200 mile drive to Aransas Pass with the destination of Ransom Road RV Resort was uneventful.

An early morning start the next day we took the ferry over to Port Aransas. It was early enough that wait time to board was only about 15 minutes. When we returned later in the afternoon the wait time to board a ferry for Port Aransas was an hour and a half. Glad we were going in the right direction.

Ferry Boats

Dianna always enjoys getting her beach fix when we are at the coast. It was relaxing and good time to cool off a little.

Getting her feet wet

All beach goers have their own way of setting up or claiming their spot in the sand. Some just spread out towels others pitch a canopy or tent and then there is the RV’er!

RV'ing on the beach

What more could you ask for? Water front site, palm trees and pink flamingos.

A lunch was now in order. We stopped at a restaurant that had seating next to the boat harbor. Kind of fun to watch the weekend boat warriors dodge each other.

Sorry Laurie & Odel I didn’t get the before picture that you always like to show. Guess we were just too hungry to worry about pictures. As you can tell by the look on our faces and the empty baskets lunch was good.

The expresion of the cat that just ate the mouse

Yup, ate the whole thing






After lunch we went to the park by the ship channel. Up on the observation deck we watched a large tanker going back out to sea.

Large tanker headed out to sea

Dolphins will sometimes play in front of ships. Sure enough they were playing in the forward wake of this big tanker. It took a couple of shots to capture them out of the water. Thank you Lumix…

Dolphins playing

The next day we took a trip to Rockport. We really like this town and enjoy visiting it every chance we get. Once in a while we drive by these wind swept trees. It’s a reminder how much the winds blow from the same direction and how much effect it has on the growth of these trees. Yes, the Gulf is on the right.

Wind Swept Trees

We will be back again. Until next time.