Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Friday, June 18, 2010


I’m adjusting to not going to a job everyday. After 40 plus years of going to a job everyday it is an adjustment from that daily regiment. It will take some getting used to. Trust me I will get it down pat even if it takes me 40 plus years to get used to it.

TX Blue Barrel

We recently took a drive to Fredericksburg, TX and made a stop at Wild Seed Farms. This place has everything a wild flower gardener could dream of. Plus they have acres plants in various stages of growth.

Mammoth Gray Strip Sunflower

All blog photos are from our visit at the farm. The acres of flowers are really vivid when they are in bloom.

Standing Cypress

Wild Seed farms are not content to just a normal flower bed. They have acres of each type of flower that is in season.

Black-Eyed Susan

As you can see one could spend hours just browsing at the beauty of all their flowers.

The store portion of Wild Seed farms encompasses several acres in itself. It includes many wild flower seeds for purchase and a large variety of garden accessories that you can’t live without.

I’ve had to turn the comment portion of the blog off as the spammers were trying to fill the comments with worthless junk. Maybe they will go away after a while. Those of you that want to make a comment I’m sure you know how to get a hold of either one of us.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Official Day of Retirement

Here it is June 1st 2010 my first official day of retirement. What do I do now? Oh yes, the honey do list. It’s going to take at least a year to complete it that is if nothing gets added to it. It’s not really quite that long.

This is the day about every person looks forward to. Now that I’m here it seems I stepping into another world. Right now I’m not sure what world I’m in. After so many years of going to a job each day now that routine is changed. For the better or worse may take a while to figure that out.

I’m here because I want to be so I will make the best of this that I can.


I also want to improve my skills in blogging. That means better photography and more entries. Maybe a class would be in order? That would be a big step at my age. I wonder if I could sit in a class room for an hour without falling asleep.