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Monday, April 12, 2010

Start of Vacation April 2010

The first day of vacation was the long drive. We started late so that made it longer than it should have been. As the photo below shows the Bluebonnets  and Paintbrush were in full glory. This was taken from the coach in Fredericksburg.  There were many fields of the Texas State flower on this first part of the trip. If we didn’t have such a late start we would have stopped often for more colorful pictures.


After leaving the hill country and head west on I-10 the landscape begins to change. It becomes the vast open spaces we all hear about.


After 8.5 hours we made it to Carlsbad, NM. Both of us tired and ready to slow the pace down.


Too bad we only spent one night here as we would have like to go see the big cave. Oh well there is always next time.

Lesson learned. DO NOT leave your Brake Buddy in the toad with the ignition on overnight. Reason, your toad battery will be dead in the morning. Trust us on this one as experience is talking.


On to Las Vegas after a jump for the toad battery.

Next night we stayed at the Las Vegas Elks RV parking. Nice and quiet with friendly people at happy hour.


Then on to Colorado Springs.

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