Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Monday, April 26, 2010

Colorado Springs April 2010

Northbound on I-25 with Pikes Peak in view. We are close to Colorado Springs now and our destination for the next few days.

Pike Peak

On of the things we really like about our motorhome is the large windshield that enables a panoramic view like this. The traveling is more enjoyable because we are able to view so much of the countryside.

We are staying at the Mountaindale RV Resort just south of Colorado Springs. We enjoyed the park and our stay enough the last time we visited Colorado Springs to return to the same place and resort site #79. A big difference from our last stay compared to this one is that we have a new house.

Home at Mountaindale

We had planned to take the Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak. Upon checking in at the rail station we were informed that the train was not able to reach the summit because of the snow drifts across the tracks at the 11,000 foot level.

We took this opportunity and toured the Olympic Training center. This is a large facility near downtown for the Olympic athletes. In order to train here you must be in the top 10% of your specialty.

Olympic Atrium

During our tour we watched a few of the athletes do their training for the sport they participate in. Wow, I see why we win medals at the Olympics. If I was a few years younger and as many pounds lighter I could do that.

Pikes Peak view from Olympic Training Center

Next stop the Air Force Academy. We have friends that have attended and some that have taught here. We have driven by several times and never took the time to visit. Upon entering we were questioned like any other visitor to the campus. We were given directions to the different places for touring. The visitor center has a lot of interesting history and information about the academy. After reading about the academy you come away with a better understanding of the pride the cadets have after attending the academy.

On to the icon of the academy campus, the Chapel. It is very large, impressive and beautiful.

Air Force Academy Chapel

Once inside you are really taken by the beauty and architecture.

Chapel Pipe Organ

Wish we could have heard this organ fill the chapel with music. The blue color is from the stain glass and (guessing) the direction of the sun at the time.

Being a student here must take a lot of concentration on your studies and what you are here for and not get lost in the beauty of a campus like this.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit and see Ken, his wife and take in a field trial in which their national champion English Setter, Scout, was entered.

Scout on Point

With Scouts event postponed a day because of high winds we missed her running. But we were able to have a good visit with Ken and Biz at the field trial grounds. 

All too soon it was time to leave and say our good byes.

Our next stop was Garden City, KS. The rains started in the middle of the night and continued through the next day. That night in continued to rain all night at our stop in Quanah, TX.  The next day it rained until just before we arrived home. The rain held off long enough to get everything unloaded and then it started raining again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Start of Vacation April 2010

The first day of vacation was the long drive. We started late so that made it longer than it should have been. As the photo below shows the Bluebonnets  and Paintbrush were in full glory. This was taken from the coach in Fredericksburg.  There were many fields of the Texas State flower on this first part of the trip. If we didn’t have such a late start we would have stopped often for more colorful pictures.


After leaving the hill country and head west on I-10 the landscape begins to change. It becomes the vast open spaces we all hear about.


After 8.5 hours we made it to Carlsbad, NM. Both of us tired and ready to slow the pace down.


Too bad we only spent one night here as we would have like to go see the big cave. Oh well there is always next time.

Lesson learned. DO NOT leave your Brake Buddy in the toad with the ignition on overnight. Reason, your toad battery will be dead in the morning. Trust us on this one as experience is talking.


On to Las Vegas after a jump for the toad battery.

Next night we stayed at the Las Vegas Elks RV parking. Nice and quiet with friendly people at happy hour.


Then on to Colorado Springs.