Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Weekend

I think it is a rare occasion that you get to have a face to face meeting in one weekend, in the same area, with two couples that are full timers. Dianna and I got to experience that and it was a lot of fun and it will never be forgotten.

We have been following their blogs for a long time and wondered if we would ever to be able to meet these people. We were fortunate that Lorie & Odel delayed their Austin departure until after lunch on Saturday. They had made the comment they had not had any BBQ since they were in Texas this trip. That made for an excellent excuse for all of us to go to Smitty’s in Lockhart for a real BBQ lunch.



With those grins I think they are enjoying the long awaited BBQ. And yes they ate the whole thing.

During our short visit they did share some advice about full timing. We were grateful that we could ask questions and were able to absorb some of their knowledge and experience that we hope to put to use soon.

Ready for the Road

It was soon time to say good bye. We hope our travels will cross again and we can spend more time enjoying the friendship and fellowship as we did this day.

Sunday we went to Government Canyon State Natural Area to meet Kirk and Pam for a visit. They volunteer at this State Natural Area and being curious about volunteering made meeting them at their work seem appropriate.

Dianna and I did some looking around the park until Kirk and Pam got off work. This is one of the newer parks for the Texas Parks and Wildlife so everything looked fresh and well kept. After reading all about Government Canyon you have a better perspective of why this and all natural area’s are so important.

We sat and talked for a while at their site about many things including volunteering while full timing. When the cold front arrived and the temperature dropped 20 degrees it was time to move inside. We drove to town for a great Mexican dinner.

Kirk and Pam

After we had a delicious dinner we talked more and solved most of the world problems. We did talk some about the Escapees organization and what they had to offer for RV’ers. I’m glad we are members and will be able to utilize some of their benefits.

Kirk, Pam Dianna and Mac

For Dianna and I it was a weekend of much fellowship and knowledge being in the company of fellow RV’ers. We were able to gleam a wealth of information that will help us when we embark into the fulltime RV status. We thank all of you for allowing us to tap into your experience about this life style.