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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mason, TX with the Discovery Texans

We attended the January rally of the Discovery Texans in Mason, TX. It was a good experience being with others that have the same model RV. Comparing the different styles yet a lot in common.

Discovery's Everywhere

It was a site that we have never experienced, pulling into the RV park and seeing so many rigs of the same manufacture. So much for having one of a kind. There was one just like ours. Same color, graphics, year and model. We spent some time with each other and compared notes and shared experiences.

More Discovery's

We meet some wonderful people and enjoyed the camaraderie. We were introduced to the game of Jokers and Marbles. It was a little confusing at the beginning. We slowly were catching on.

Marbles & Jokers

Notice the lady looking over her shoulder with the look “you better not say a word”. She was winning all weekend. Those that know the game can see with a hand like that why she would win all the time.

We had a wonderful weekend. Meet some very nice people and made friends with many of them. We liked it so much that we joined the Discovery Texas and are looking forward to the March rally in Waco.

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