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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our New Motorhome

After much looking and comparing models, prices and equipment we found the “one”.

We had it all figured out that we could only get a used rig 2006 –maybe a 2007 vintage. A couple of weeks ago one of the dealers that we had been watching showed several new 2008 Fleetwoods on their web site and priced about what we had budgeted for a used rig. After some more research and checking forums postings we made a trip to the dealer. We looked at all the new 08’s they had and decided that the Fleetwood 39R Discovery is the one we had been looking for.

After some haggling back and forth with the sales folks we came to an agreeable deal and we now are the proud owners of a class A. More pictures of our new rig.
The decision of what motor home with what equipment was accomplished by a list we made. It was compiled from what we wanted in a rig, looking at as many rigs as we could, lurking in RV forums and our past experience with a travel trailer. We want to thank Odel and Laurie and the decision process they went through for their perfect rig.

It helped us with some of the issues that we may have overlooked. Also, their list of "must have" and "nice to have" items. We modified it for our requirements and called it our "deal or no deal" list. If the rig didn’t have an item on the "must have" list it was a "no deal" and we moved on to the next one.

Our Discovery had everything on our list plus some. We are pleased with the deal and very happy with the coach. Maiden voyage is to Rockport for the shake down and hopefully some fishing.

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