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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maiden Voyage

All the planning and preparation for the first trip is here. Getting a motorhome prepared for a trip is a lot different than a Travel trailer.

Did we get everything packed that will be needed? We’ll find that out after we return and go over the list of should have brought items.

As we started the maiden voyage the highway greeted us with some windy conditions. Isn’t that expected going to the coast? Everybody was right a motorhome is a big sail on wheels.

Our destination is the Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport, TX. Why Lagoons? We drove through the park on one of our many trips to Rockport/Fulton and like the park as it looked clean and well run. It has all the amenities that you could ask for on a first trip in a new RV.


We were able to get a large back in space so we had plenty of room to stretch out.


As you can see the park had plenty of vacancies. The Winter Texan migration hasn’t started yet.


We were able to stretch out and make the most of the room and learn more about our new Discovery.

When it was all said and done everything worked like it was supposed to except those items that we didn’t know how to operate.


What’s left to do except kick back and enjoy.

Taken with cell phone

For the fishing portion of the trip, I took a charter boat and didn’t catch a thing. I did get to see 5 people catch red drum that were 32 inches up to 40 inches. Those are huge fish!

While I was out on the charter boat Dianna went to the beach and got her surf and fresh air fix.

It was a great weekend. Now we are really excited about spending more time in our new coach.

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