Grizzly at Mary Bay Yellowstone Lake

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

An uneventful and enjoyable drive from Austin to the Rio Grande Valley.

We arrived at the park about 3:45pm to find the office closed. Normally a note would be at the door for “late” arrivals who made reservations well in advance telling them which spot they are to be in. After about 10 minutes a gentleman showed up and told us the office was closed and that short stay (obvious we were not winter Texans) visitors normally park in an area he pointed to. So we picked one and set up. That was strike one. Hind sight says I should have took my first instinct and moved to another park immediately when we found the office closed.

After setup we sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon with some wine. That was the last of the outside relaxing as the expected front arrived with rig rocking winds and rain.

The next day was a cold and windy so we stayed inside for the morning. In the afternoon we took a drive to Port Isabel and Laguna vista. Port Isabel we found a fish market and purchased supper.

Shrimp Pot

In Laguna Vista we purchased our breakfast grapefruit. Nothing better than a Rio Grande Ruby Red in the morning.

Ruby Red

Christmas day we went to South Padre Island. The wind was still pretty strong so the gulf was still upset and non-inviting. It was nice to be on the shore and take in the serenity of the Gulf no matter how much the weather had effected it.

   Dianna on Beach with CondosMac on Beach 

The next day we were headed back to Austin. On the way back we discussed plans for our next trip and future trips for the spring. Right now it looks like Colorado is at the top of the list for a spring venture.

Under WiFi

The only good thing about our stay at this park was we had excellent WiFi. That was because we parked under the WiFi transmitter antenna. After that the park gets a thumbs down for everything else.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boot Camp

Now that we have a new motorhome and it is the first ever of using one, we agreed it would be a good idea to attend the fall Escapee’s Boot Camp. Escapees’s planned a second Boot Camp because they had such a good turn out at their first fall Boot Camp they had to turn people away. With us obtaining our new coach after the first class was complete their second Boot Camp came just at the right time.

We received excellent education about RV’s mainly Class A’s. A lot of emphases was placed on the safety portion of RV’ing. As a first time owner of a motorhome we were able to obtain a lot of information that we would have never thought about. We are glad to receive all this in a class environment rather than first hand.

The added bonus was we were able to schedule Dianna in a driving class put on by RV Driving School. I sure wanted Dianna to be trained by someone besides me. Also, I didn’t want to be the only one to put all the miles on the RV.

I knew she would receive a much better and more comprehensive training than I could give in a vacant parking lot. Plus I was able to ride along to see and learn what the instructor was teaching. Thanks Denny for doing an excellent job of teaching Class A driving.

Dianna Cert

D Driving the D

As you can see she is cool & confident and she has the paper to prove it.


Not only does she look good while driving she also can handle the traffic.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maiden Voyage

All the planning and preparation for the first trip is here. Getting a motorhome prepared for a trip is a lot different than a Travel trailer.

Did we get everything packed that will be needed? We’ll find that out after we return and go over the list of should have brought items.

As we started the maiden voyage the highway greeted us with some windy conditions. Isn’t that expected going to the coast? Everybody was right a motorhome is a big sail on wheels.

Our destination is the Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport, TX. Why Lagoons? We drove through the park on one of our many trips to Rockport/Fulton and like the park as it looked clean and well run. It has all the amenities that you could ask for on a first trip in a new RV.


We were able to get a large back in space so we had plenty of room to stretch out.


As you can see the park had plenty of vacancies. The Winter Texan migration hasn’t started yet.


We were able to stretch out and make the most of the room and learn more about our new Discovery.

When it was all said and done everything worked like it was supposed to except those items that we didn’t know how to operate.


What’s left to do except kick back and enjoy.

Taken with cell phone

For the fishing portion of the trip, I took a charter boat and didn’t catch a thing. I did get to see 5 people catch red drum that were 32 inches up to 40 inches. Those are huge fish!

While I was out on the charter boat Dianna went to the beach and got her surf and fresh air fix.

It was a great weekend. Now we are really excited about spending more time in our new coach.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our New Motorhome

After much looking and comparing models, prices and equipment we found the “one”.

We had it all figured out that we could only get a used rig 2006 –maybe a 2007 vintage. A couple of weeks ago one of the dealers that we had been watching showed several new 2008 Fleetwoods on their web site and priced about what we had budgeted for a used rig. After some more research and checking forums postings we made a trip to the dealer. We looked at all the new 08’s they had and decided that the Fleetwood 39R Discovery is the one we had been looking for.

After some haggling back and forth with the sales folks we came to an agreeable deal and we now are the proud owners of a class A. More pictures of our new rig.
The decision of what motor home with what equipment was accomplished by a list we made. It was compiled from what we wanted in a rig, looking at as many rigs as we could, lurking in RV forums and our past experience with a travel trailer. We want to thank Odel and Laurie and the decision process they went through for their perfect rig.

It helped us with some of the issues that we may have overlooked. Also, their list of "must have" and "nice to have" items. We modified it for our requirements and called it our "deal or no deal" list. If the rig didn’t have an item on the "must have" list it was a "no deal" and we moved on to the next one.

Our Discovery had everything on our list plus some. We are pleased with the deal and very happy with the coach. Maiden voyage is to Rockport for the shake down and hopefully some fishing.